Sunday, 5 January 2014

Learning Management Systems

I recently embarked upon a journey of digitizing and making our curriculum available online. In the process I  researched, reviewed and tested a wide range of products in order to find the perfect platform for our final simulation. (You can't even imagine the flood of promotional message I get now from every website.) It is so exciting to see all these amazing products out there, some of which are open source and free.

Rapid E-learning is the new age phenomenon of converting courses from text books into power point slides, with narrations, videos or animations, and integrating evaluation for the learning out comes at the end of each modules in the form of quizzes, tests, match the columns or fill in the blanks.  It has been around since the 90's but with the accent of computers in our daily lives and the user friendly drag and drop interface today, it has become easier for teachers to incorporate this in everyday classrooms.

E-learning authorization tools are soft-wares that help you do this. It is one place where you can manage, administer, track student progress and give feedback and remedial sessions too. They are used at schools, colleges, educational organisations and even at big software companies for training.

Here is a list of some I personally like and are free:
(Please note the sites on this list are the best among the free softwares and thus have some limitations which can be over come if you have a budget for it, but you can do a decent job in a classroom without it, as well)

Articulate Storyline is the final product that i ended up choosing for my Project and my reason for choosing it apart from the fact that it is free was(at least the basic version is), its extremely user friendly interface, fun graphics and the ability to integrate basic programing logic into the courses flawlessly.It has similar features to other programming languages like C++ and java, but compared to them is is much easier to use concepts like triggers, method overridding and overloading with a basic logic aprehendable to even a non programer. The best part about this product is the amazing group who call themselves E-learning heroes(they sure even are! who provide great support with a community of ready to help with fun free templates and graphics and a team staff that provides troubleshooting.

This product is more student oriented than teacher oriented and is perfect for group studies and for teachers to keep track of student progress. Although it is not suited for low budget schools, it is perfectly suited for urban classrooms with students who have access to computers  and internet even at home.

Edmodo is similar to but its more like facebook with a purpose, where the smart kids are more popular than the pretty ones!

Udutu is easy to get your way around but the interface is a little gawky. It provides all basic features like video/online link addition, Quizz, audio and video addition options and basic gif and bit upload options. The only problem is the limited formats it supports in each category. More suited for basic short and simple course work.

With these available free tools it would be amazing to see teachers make use of these resources and make their classes more organised, interactive and fun while making the results more measurable.


  1. You should check out Claro!(Domiknow, the name of the company that owns it) that is pretty sweet and very electric in the market right now!!

    1. Thank you Jatin for the great input! :)