Sunday, 17 November 2013


Ever since I was a child I have been a big fan of DIY(Do It Yourself). One of my dear friends growing up, had this pink book with interesting things to make at home like glitter gels, perfumes, key chains etc and we'd try to make it together. I'm so glad she still does cool DIY stuff. Check out her "Blog" for more on that. As a grown up I feel we are surrounded by so much commercialism, that people rather buy things than make it themselves. If you are thinking of the perfect gift, more often than not, its monetary value will have priority over something you spend time and effort on making. Time is a luxury we can no longer afford to spend like we did in our generation (I mean the 80's and before that). I know I sound like an old hag saying this but trust me, when I see the present generation and the stark contrast between the kind of childhood that we lead compared to theirs; it breaks my heart to see that an entire generation and more, will be oblivious to the simple joys of life that does not involve an expensive Xbox video game or the latest Mary Kate and Ashley vanity case.

So the new trend in my school is DIY Marble Painting art that we started, making Salesiano the trendiest school in the neighborhood. ;) Kids in my fun classroom paint every thing from their cell phone covers, pens, pencils, spectacle frames, footballs, keys, glasses, to you name it!! Using the phenomenon that oil and water do not mix we create art. Marble painting is a fun way to make students understand about Science and hygiene. This can also be demonstrated by taking a mug of water and pouring a few drops of oil and rapidly trying to mix it. It obviously does not mix. Now sprinkle some detergent and you see the oil coagulate and settle at the bottom. This is the reason why it is important to wash your hands with soap since the dirt sticks to the oils on the hand and washing it only with water does not take it away. Also practical classroom activities are a fun way of practicing present tense and present progressive tense.

Materials required:
A4 size sheets (1 bundle), Oil pastel tubes or acrylic colors (5 colors: Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, White), paint thinner, bucket/small-tub of water, Styrofoam cups

1. Take a dollop of oil paints in a cup and add paint thinner in the ratio 1:1. Take a stick or a paint brush and mix it till there are no lumps.

2. Repeat step one with every color.

3. In a bucket of water, pour a few drops of any color or a combination of colors.

4. Twirl the colors with the pointed end of a paint brush to form patterns and cut into each other.

5. Insert a sheet of paper at a right angle to the surface into the bucket of water.

7. Insert and remove the paper/object in a flow without jerks to get smooth patterns.

8. Let it dry for at least an hour.   

Girls and Glitter

I took the plunge and did it to my phone cover as well. :D