Monday, 13 January 2014

Home away from home: Part 2

I always fancied the idea of back packing across Europe, living in youth hostels, couch surfing and oh traveling the world! But it was not really the easiest thing to do as a teenage Indian girl. My Euro-trip got cancelled twice. The first time because my older sister; my much trusted/responsible travel companion backed out last minute and the second time maybe because my mom saw the movie Euro-trip. :I So any way I finally took the plunge as a back packer this year and even though I am travelling with more than just the back pack, it is as exciting as I imagined it to be and more!

Day two in Ecuador and I moved into this cute little place called Hostel New Bask.(Guess who is gonna leave a lot of good reviews on lonely planet?) I came here prepared with a list of hostels from Trip advisor but I stumbled across this particular hostel while I was just walking the streets in the city center.When I rang the tremble and was greeted with a warm old lady who showed me around and I instantly fell in love with the colorful walls, the homely environment with a dog and two cats and the wide array of facilities they had to offer at a very reasonable price.

The place has WiFi, which is every back packer's necessity, amazing hot water baths in freezing Quito, a kitchen so you can make your own meals for cheap, a drinking water dispenser because tap water here is not potable(like seriously you'll be surprised how such a small detail can make a huge difference on the pocket of a budget traveler) and warm blankets(coz you're gonna need a lot of those here). There are also a lot of interesting books laying around all the time, that other travelers leave behind or you can exchange yours for the existing ones. Bang in the town center, sharing the street with the best bars, it is heaven for the party animals. The best part is, they also have room service. I was surprised to see my bed made when I returned to my room. The best Hostel in town or what?

There is no need to really search for a Hostel before you arrive. There are about a thirty within a 1 km radius in the city center.You meet the most interesting people from all over the world who are doing super interesting things in their lives and it provides an amazing platform for networking in case you are looking to work in any certain field. Barely a day here and I found some excellent job/volunteer opportunities here in Ecuador.

God bless Ecuador for being one of the 52 countries where Indians do not require Visas to enter.

My cozy little Bunk bed: 

The cute fire place beside my bed:

The colorful walls with some beautiful graffiti: 

Travelers maps and trail guides:

Cute outdoor sit out WiFi zone: 

The common room:

The kitchen:

More graffiti:

The cutest strain case ever:

The plant reminds me of mom! 

More private dorms if you are not in the mood of sharing too much: 

The cat actually cuddled up against me while I was writing this post:

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