Monday, 13 January 2014

Colombian Beverages

Some thing I just could not wrap my hands around when I first got to Colombia was how they cannot do food without a beverage accompanying it. My host family had a shocked expression when they I heard I'd only be having water with my meal, before they poured me a glass full of Guava juice. For four months straight I do not remember having even one meal without either a pure fruit juice, a thick milk shake, ice tea, Aguapanela or soda. The only thing I am scared about is, switching back to plain water once I get back to India.

The coffee capital of the world, Colombia is known to have some of the richest and yet the softest coffees in the world. I would wake up to the smell of freshly ground coffee every morning. If you haven't had Colombian coffee, you haven't had Coffee..

Agua panela: 
Panela is just refined whole sugar cane and Auga Panela is Panela dissolved in water.
It is perfect to warm your insides, when consumed hot and even cures cold. Its refreshing with a hint of lemon and ice. Its 100% natural Gatorade and gives you the right dose of energy before or during a game or just to start the day.

If you are in colombia, you cannot leave without trying the most famous traditional Alcoholic beverage they have to offer. It is made of Star Anise and literally translates as fire-water. Indians use anise in a lot of food but this was my first time having it in a drink. With a minty after taste, it has got to be the tastiest alcoholic drink I've had in my life!

You'll notice a small cart almost at every street corner with a giant glass box with a colorful fruity mixture of all the fruits you can imagine.

It is like a Popsicle in a package in different fruit flavors.

Pony Malta:
OH HOW I AM GONNA MISS PONY MALTA!! A favorite among kids, it is a non alcoholic gassy malt, perfect for instant energy. My host brother tells me that it is a part of the perfect afternoon snack, that when he was younger, his grand mother would hand him a Pony Malta with a ham and cheese sandwich whenever he was hungry.

Gaseosa, Colombiana: 
I always found it a unhealthy habit to have soda with your food but with all the tasty flavors that it came in, it was hard to resit. A pink bubbling soda, Colombiana should be the first soda you must try, followed by Golden (which is a venuzuelan brand) if you can get your hands on it. Postobon is also a very famous brand but I'd go with the local name. Colombiana! :D

The fruits in Colombia have a reputation of being the tastiest in the world, and frankly I am not going to argue with that.They are pretty sweet; in both senses and the variety will blow your mind away! My favorite fruit juice is Guayabana, which is like a giant custard apple. I'm told its even an anti carcinogenic. Well works for me because it tastes just divine!

Sun tea/nestea/fuzztea:
Sun tea or Nestea is a pack of crystallized tea that you mix with water and ice and comes in different flavors like apple, lemon, peach etc. I know I know, its basically Iced tea then why the fuss? I used to love iced tea back in India also, so I am not complaining one bit and can have Suntea EVERYDAY!

Nestle should so thank me for all this free advertising! 

Named after the most famous bird of the Andes; Aguila literally means an Eagle in Spanish. One of the biggest sponsors of all Football matches it is also the official team world cup sponsors and is definitely the most popular beer in Colombia.

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