Tuesday, 6 October 2015

And it’s a wrap!

They say you can forget what you’ve read, you can forget what you’ve heard, you can forget what you have leanrt, but you can never forget how something makes you feel. This beautiful saying in Education terminology is called the Learning Pyramid attributed to the educator Prof. Edgar Dale and is represented by a triangle that shows the retention rates through various learning methods. 

In the past one week we have gone through each one of these steps right down to 90%. With the field trip to the Nang Village the students reached the 30% mark with the practical demonstrations of an Artificial Glacier, a Green House and a Compost Pit. On our return the students made their own low budget greenhouse with PVC pipes in under 30$ in under 3 hours as a part of a practical design challenge given to them. They followed it up with a demonstration of their greenhouse through a miniature replica in the assembly to all 490 other students of the school. Teaching others is indeed the best form of learning yourself.

All in all, they jumped right down in just one week and made me super proud. And to think this was the same bunch which threw my shoes on top of the school building once, makes it that much more special a project. 

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