Friday, 9 May 2014

Do the Doodle!

I met a girl on this train journey I took across India, who was just amazing at drawing! She would just set ground any where on the platform or under a tree and doodle away.

Inspired by her I decided to do the same. So from then on, for my every travel trip my back pack always has three things. My tiny pink book, a black waterproof pen and my chotu water color set. I am no artist but I love how holding a brush makes me feel like a kid again. I love doodling every special moment into my sketch pad. 

Cotopaxi - Ecuador
15000 mts above sea level while on the 2nd highest active volcano in the world!  

Its like a picture but instead of clicking it, I scribble it in less than 5 mins with my 20 rupee water color set and hold it very close to my heart. :) Its like my version of the memory and every time I look at it again, it makes me feel the exact same way I felt when I was there.

Here are some of my favorite memories: 

Tiger Temple - Thailand
The thrill of hugging these majestic creatures.

Phuket - Thailand
The turquoise oceans that made me almost run outta blue.

Red Fort - Delhi
The impossible task of capturing the architectural details of 
the Shah Jahaan era, in less than 5 mins. So I took 10. 

London - U.K.
The piping hot Telephone booths of London.

La Casa del Arbol - Ecuador
My very own wall paper moment. 

What's your travel idiosyncrasy? :)  

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