Thursday, 13 February 2014

Spell bound

If you can't decide between the beautiful blue water costs and trekking high mountains, Qilotova, Ecuador is the place for you. A giant blue-green water filled volcanic Crater 4500 masl, it has a 3 km wide caldera you can hike down to.

Once you are down there you can kayak, camp and even take a dip in the mineral rich freezing cold lake. Don't forget to take your bathing suit in case you want to do the craziest thing of your life!

It takes about 25 mins to hike down and about an hour exhausting hike up. There is an option of hiking back up on a mule back for 8$. But if you are an animal lover like me, then take it as a personal challenge and hike up. Trust me the feeling of achievement hiking back on foot is worth it! There are breathtaking views every step to keep you motivated to continue.

There are also a lot of hostels in the vicinity you can stay the night in case you want to wake up to a spectacular view every morning.      

You can't help but feel over powered by nature's beauty, at peace with yourself and humbled by everything around.

The fruit of a cactus.Tasted kind of sweet and mushy. If I had to compare it with another known fruit it would be combination of a passion fruit and custard apple as it has edible seeds like a passion fruit and the consistency of a custard apple

A traditional  Quechua mountain house, And the flag which resembles a gay pride flag is the state flag of the region and can be seen on almost all houses.

We were invited inside and it was really interesting to see how architecturally sound to fight the cold. There is a mud bundh all around made with a mixture of a lot of things including urine as an adhesive. The thatched roof  is water proof and the floor has hay all around with Guinea pigs every where. The whole family sleeps together in a row thus exchanging body heat to keep warm, along with the guinea pigs . The guinea pigs serve two purposes, help keep the house warmer and when the family is hungry they just take one, roast it and eat it. 

The kid trying his hand at photography and doing a good job of it too. :) Notice how pink the cheeks are. its the same for all mountain kids due to the cold and excessive sun burn.

The gang! :) A diverse mix thus making interestingly intense conversations about existence, religion, world politics, Life! 

The mini Andean Grand Canon. 

Can't really go wrong with any of these pictures with such a perfect background. 

You don't need a reason to post cute things. :) 

You meet the strangest people on your journeys. My favorite American, Ecuadorian Sai Baba Devotee whom I met on the other side of the world, with immense knowledge about the Indian culture made me want to re read through Indian mythology. 

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