Monday, 28 October 2013

Inspire Me!

A teacher's profession is one of the most rewarding where you are making a difference in a child's life and affecting it so profoundly. But sometimes one forgets that fact. As a teacher you have to constantly think on your toes, be creative, innovative, find solutions to problems with the available resources, excel your people management skills(because I always say, managing a class of 40 kids is much more challenging than managing a team of corporate employees), inspire, motivate, change lives, grab and keep their attention. It makes you want to strive to be a better person because you set an example for so many students. 

Ah, there are days when you come back home, all exhausted, with a splitting head ache and your voice mute. That's when you need to remind yourself why you signed up to do this in the first place. My recent classroom experiences made me wanna do this post about the list of my favorite Teacher movies which never fail to make me want to take on even a Friday as if it were a Monday! So here goes. I bet you'll get goosebumps after watching these trailers whether you are a teacher or not! 

1. Dead Poets Society: I don't know how Robbin Williams does it every time! I would've liked Good Will Hunting to be on this list too but it was up against some tough ones.

2. Freedom Writers: The first time I saw this movie, I was in school. It was one of those movies which leave you speechless after watching because you are just so moved. It left me quiet and pensive for about an hour after watching it.

3. Dangerous minds: This reminds me so much of my classrooms here. Its exactly the same. The students are rebellious. Don't listen. Hold hands in my class! always try and act funny.

4. Tare Zameen Par: This one just had to be on the list! An excellent example of the education system in India. But more than that it sensitizes people on the topic of inclusive education and the real role of a teacher in a classroom.

5. To sir with love: This movie is another one of my favorites and got tied with Mr.Hollands Opus. The only reason the other one didn't make it was because its too long, but a recommended watch. 

A special mention to The School of Rock \m/ and The Ron Clark Story(This one is a little cheesy for my taste but Mathew Perry is just so darn cute! =D ) Please feel free to comment below with your favorite teacher movies. 

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